Weekend in London

So, this weekend I was in London…

On Friday when we got to Euston, we noticed that King’s Cross station was only a few minutes walk away, so Jessie suggested we go and see Platform 9 3/4 !

Only that, took us a bit over an hour.. We first entered St Pancras (not the right place), and while we where there we might as well take a look around 🙂

 We then went off to the proper Kings Cross, and didn’t see the signs indicating where the (fake!) platform was, so went around walking again… but we finally found it!

Then after looking for a snack, we went off to our hostel (London Backpackers) to check-in and leave off some stuff, and went back for the Jack the Ripper tour, which was slightly long (~2h) but quite interesting.

Our tour guide, Andy. He was great!

We then went off for dinner at some Indian restaurant around brick lane, and went back to the hostel for the night…

Saturday, after missing breakfast at the hostel, and getting one in town, we went off to first visit…

the British Museum

Loads and loads of interesting remainders of ancient civilizations: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mexican, etc.

The Rosetta Stone

Fist bump!

After that we went off to visit St Pauls Cathedral:

We got there too early for the evening service or whatever, so the entrance would’ve been 15£… Maybe another time then. So off we went walking to have an outside look at the Globe Theater:

and then on our way to the Tower Bridge…

At this point, we had started to get quite hungry, so we went in search of something to eat… And then went to the Big Ben:

Big Ben and the London Eye

Westminster Abbey

Back to the hostel for a good night’s sleep 🙂

Sunday, beautiful weather again, and a first stop at Buckingham Palace…

Instead of going to see Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, which would’ve involved lots of walking to finally not see that much, half of us went back to Coventry, while the remainders and myself decided to go and see..

the Natural History Museum

There’s lots of bones, fake animals, and some rocks.


A lion!


Not far away was the science museum, which had:

Some sort of engines

Some old machines

Apollo 10 space capsule



a nice colourful wood sort-of thing

Some cool maths/geometrics stuff

The Midsummer Chronophage

I didn’t really notice it at the time, it’s the sister of the Corpus Clock in Cambridge and it really is quite an interesting piece of work.

But my favourite part of all, was most definitely the experiments section:

Icing water, seen through a polarizing filter

Sound waves and water

“Icy bodies”

Their shop also has some really cool gadgets 🙂

Finally, to finish off the trip before returning to Coventry, a nice lunch at the pub:

Steak & Guinness pie, mmmm 🙂

Also, here is the photo album I put on Facebook…

And now I will catch up on the rugby match (FRA/NZL) and go to sleep, cause tomorrow I gotta wake up early for induction week talks…

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