tmux cheat sheet

I’ve recently started using tmux, so here’s my cheat sheet to remember some of the basic commands:

tmux new -s bob  create new session called ‘bob’
tmux attach (at) -t bob  attach session ‘bob’
tmux list-sessions (ls)  list sessions

Ctrl + b is the action key
$  rename session
c  new window
,  rename window
&  kill current window
x  kill current pane
↑/↓/←/→  go to pane
"  split horizontally
%  split vertically
c  new window
d  detach session
l/n  last/next window
0-9 select window
?  help
: command prompt

In command prompt:

resize-pane -{D|U|L|R} 10  resize pane in direction by 10

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