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I’ve never really liked going to libraries for studying, nothing to do with the level in Halo, or that episode of Doctor Who, it’s probably just that I’ve never really liked places where everything has to be quiet, especially when it comes to working (kind of oddly). I’ve also not had the need to use one that much, and perhaps the ones that were available to me up to now weren’t that good…

However, I’ve started coming to the Coventry University library in the last few days, and it’s actually quite a nice place to work in!

Coventry University’s Frederick Lanchester Library

Short presentation:

The ground floor and basement are nice open-space areas in which you can work and speak freely, there is a resource shop (great for buying pens, paper, etc…) on ground floor, and the basement has vending machines for snacks & coffee.

There are 3 stories for different study departments, each have study zones which are either quiet or silent.

Every floor has computers and spaces to bring your own laptop, they also have a set of printers/scanners. They also have some ‘group-study’ rooms you can book for 2 hours at a time, they can hold 3-8 people and have a PC hooked up to a big screen/projector and speakers (movie night, anyone?).

The library is open from 8:30 until midnight during weekdays, and from 11 to 19 on weekends.

They’ve also got this fancy ventilation system that’s supposed to keep the temperature nice all the time. I guess it works quite well, but if you have to work near one of those central columns (also where nearly all the PCs and desks are..), there is sometimes a constant draft of air, which can get a bit annoying (it’s not the softest nor warmest..).

Besides that, wherever you are it can be a bit noisy in any case (some people have their midday picnic in the silent zones –‘), but after about 7 or 8 pm it gets a bit more empty and quiet, because it’s usually people that really want to work who stay after that. However, as everywhere, there will often be a few individuals that just don’t get the grips of how not to be a nuisance…

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