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What’s for lunch?

One thing that’s nice to know when you’re a student, is what’s for lunch at the university restaurant. In that regard, I looked for a way to easily generate an iCal of the week’s menu. First step: scour the CROUS Grenoble … Continue reading

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During the trip to Portugal, we (re)discovered one of the awesome features of my camera: tilting playback. What is this? Well, you take a burst of up to 10 pictures (over 1 or 5 seconds) and then you can replay the … Continue reading

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Useful procrastination

So, this weekend I have been a bit productive while procrastinating… I’ve made myself a healthier working environment. I’ve set up a quick CV kind-of web page, at dickson.tf. I’ve also updated half the pages for the bitcoin tool, made … Continue reading

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Bitcoin monitors

So, in an effort of procrastination in regards of some coursework, I decided to take a look at my bitcoin pooled miner monitor thing, to see if all was well. Turns out that BTCguild has changed their API since I … Continue reading

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