La Nuit des Etoiles

I recently bought a new backpack, the Gregory Baltoro 65; It’s awesome!

Ever since the trip to Portugal, I was thinking “I need a better backpack”; The one I had was far too small for any proper hiking/camping trips (hardly 35l) and the seams were starting to pop. It did have some good elements to it though, a nice side pocket and good belt pockets, but that was it. After lots of research, I found a selection of packs that seemed quite good, and after trying them out at Le Vieux Campeur, my choice was made; it would be the Baltoro.

Enough about the pack. Yesterday my sister and I decided to go hike to the top of Hirmentaz and camp there, it’s an idea we’ve had for a while, and with the Perseid meteor shower this weekend, we decided it was the perfect moment to go and do it (that way I could also take the new pack out for it’s first run).

We started climbing at around 18:15 and the next time we checked the time was 20:30, but in the mean time we’d had a long break at the top of the chairlift, done some exploration, started preparing dinner, etc. I guess the hike itself was only a bit over an hour.

Here are a few pictures from the way up:

A break on the chairlift


Sunset over the Jura

Night shots:

A meteorite (left) and an airplane (middle)

Cosmic soup

In the end, we didn’t get many pictures of the meteorites, but managed to see a good bunch of them, sometimes shortly from the corner of the eye, sometimes they took their time to cross the sky leaving a nice trace. We could also see the milky way clearly enough, the cloudless sky was just great as well.

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