International welcome week beginning

Today began the welcoming week for international students!

One problem I had was that I had registered for the week WITH accomodation, and between then and now they had released the same week WITHOUT (80£ cheaper) and I have my own accommodation, so I wanted to change from one to the other. Problem: I sent an email before their registration deadline but didn’t receive an answer, and now its too late to change, so I have to keep the accomodation…

Oh well, now that I have it, I might as well use it… That way I won’t have to walk so much every night to go home, and I can also stay around and meet other international students… 🙂

There was an Icebreaker event in the afternoon, we weren’t too many people (12 at first, then a few more) but it was very cool to meet some other international students from many different places.

It also let us discover The Hub, which seems to be a great place for chilling (there’s food and giant bean bags !)

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