International Wednesdays

One thing I really do like about Wednesdays is the international gatherings at Rosie Malone’s.

It’s 1£/pint at that time (awesome way to get drunk for nothing), but also and especially a very good occasion to meet/see again other international students, part of them from the international welcome week.

Although there are some nights were certain nationalities will be a bit more abundant, it’s not much of a problem as they’re generally of those who are here to meet other people and speak in English.

Other ways to see International students are the Viva la Fiesta parties, most often at the Hub. The only trouble with those are: it’s mainly French people, it’s not all that good (IMO, and I don’t really like clubs anyways…). Besides that, after a while you get to know quite a few people and there’s often someone to organize a house party or something 🙂

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