“I’ll do it tomorrow…”

I’ve been quite the lazy one these past few days, postponing some stuff as much as possible…

I’ve started working properly on my project, getting the machines up and working together, but with the specifications constantly changing (every week) it’s not so easy to get more than that done yet…

I’ve also got the 350 coursework to do for Friday, it’s not too hard but it takes some time to write a company’s IT policy, especially if you don’t have all the info you might need on said company’s systems.

Today there was 330 lab, although a bit early it was interesting; writing code to parallelize small scripts (calculations) on a cluster of workstations. The 395 was the same thing as last week (DELL presentations); since I’ve pretty much seen all I needed concerning that and considering I can’t be bothered for 330 right now, I went climbing! A few cool 6a/6a+ routes, and some bouldering; there’s a blue line on the big overhang which is quite fun to try and sort out 🙂

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