I love my Backpack

If you’ve known me for some time, you may have noticed I am rarely without my backpack, even if I apparently have no need for it. In a way, it’s nearly if I’m so used to it I feel naked going out without.

Even though it isn’t often full, it’s great for carrying some essential stuff that would otherwise just fill my pockets too much..

I nearly always have: Uni stuff (paper, pencil case), glasses, a sweatshirt if not on me, water bottle (VERY important), snacks, photo camera + gorillapod/stick, Swiss army knife.

Sometimes: a book, phone charger, pc, handkerchief, toothbrush, headlamp.

It’s an Eastpak Hutson, it can carry 27L which for me is largely enough, has one laptop pocket, main pocket, and two(+1) smaller, but still big, front pockets. When in Annecy it quickly became my main pack when going home for the weekend (instead of  a regular sports or travel bag), as I could easily fit enough clothes to bring back and any items I might need to have with me, without bringing too much, without it being a hassle to move around and overall making the journey just a bit easier.

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