Good morning, England !

Finally got to Coventry yesterday, though I nearly had some trouble with Easyjet (ID card only valid until the 8th of October) the rest of the journey went alright: the flight took about 1h40 and we had a mostly clear sky so we could get some good views on the way 😀

I managed to find some water and decent food (Bacon&Egg sandwich FTW lo/) while waiting for the coach towards Coventry. That trip took quite some time also, but it was very comfy 🙂 Upon arrival I first got a taxi towards ‘home’ where one of my housemates greeted me and showed me around 🙂 I then headed off towards Ikea to grab some sheets and pillows for the bed, but they didn’t have the quilt I wanted.. :/ So I went back for that this morning (yeah.. I put on some warm clothes and stuff for the night).

These two trips let me discover a part of the town, everything seems to be within walking distance so that’s pretty nice, I’ll detail more later-on. I also discovered some of the University buildings, took an outside look of the Library, and went off to the student centre about the accommodation for international welcome week..

Also, my wrist wasn’t any of a problem during the trip, so that was quite nice as well 🙂

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