So, after going to the Hospital last week, and them telling me they don’t do X-Rays and that I’d have to go to the Walsgrave/University Hospital some place out of town, I went there yesterday to get an appointment for my wrist, which fell this morning at 9:30, ugh.

Long story short, I don’t need to wear a cast any more !

My wrist is slightly painful though, and I don’t have the same movement range as before, but that will come back over time. My arm is also a bit skinnier, and my palm is in a small mess:

Some of it is thick and peeling off, and the center is kind of scaly :/

All that to say, I am pretty happy to to have my hand back and not be needing a cast until December  🙂 By the way, it wasn’t even that much trouble wearing a cast, since I could still use my hand for most daily actions, it’s also been kind of useful for meeting people! It’s a way to get hold of someone’s curiosity, make conversation, or even for people to remember you by.

“oh yeah, from welcome week, you’re the guy with the cast!”

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