EasyJet, EJ2aum03 error

I don’t know why, but for some reason EasyJet’s online system seems to not like me.

Explanation: It first started when I received that email saying “add your ID information“, I would click on the link, which would bring me on the website, I would click the big bright button and then… nothing, niet, rien, nada; Blank page.

I found that you could also do it by going onto the simple easyjet.com site and doing the online check-in. Same problem.

I first thought it could be my browser or something, but with Chrome/Firefox/IE; Windows 7/XP or Ubuntu; It just wouldn’t change. Worse still, after a friend had done it on his PC I would try to login and do it on his: doesn’t work. Clearly, this is personal.

Surprisingly, the solution appeared to be already in my hands, it was on the online check-in but i’d have to get rid of the ‘welcome Johann Dickson‘ and such, twice (logoff twice).

Now, that’s only a problem for adding ID information, which overall isn’t that much, since the First time through I called them to get it done. My next problem was: adding luggage…

Because they apparently don’t like me, I can’t just add luggage from the website, I will get the EJ2aum03 error… So, I get the joy of having to pay my luggage twice as much once I’m at the airport, awesome.

Try as you wish, this won’t work

This EJ2aum03 error seems to pop up every now and then when I want to change certain information or something, and doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere…

UPDATE (June 2012): After having this error multiple times and contacted EasyJet, it appears the error is “temporary” (although I’ve had it each time since September 2011) so I don’t think there’s anything to do against it; Their support couldn’t find anything either.

Solution: None, I’ve unfortunately had to add luggage at the Airport each time, which means paying extra (compared to doing it online).

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  1. Pierre says:

    I had the same problem when I confirmed with a wrong password.

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