So I’ve started going rock climbing again since a while, I went twice in December to check it out, and decided to go once or twice a week since coming back.

It’s at the Warwick University Sports Centre, they call it the Bear Rock. It takes about 45minutes to get there on foot, and it costs 4.75£ if you’re a student, and each piece of equipment is another 3.25£ (harness/shoes, belaying stuff is 2.25£).

The climbing walls

They’ve got nice big climbing walls and a really good bouldering room, I particularly like the ‘number wall’ and one of the routes on the overhang. From doing 5+/6a in December, I’m back up to 6b, and tackling 6b+/6c.

Mostly warm-up /end-of-session stuff

The numbers wall

This overhang has some nice challenges

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