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What class do we have next?

Timetables are one of the things my University just doesn’t get right. You have to go on the website every now and then to either download your timetable as PDF, or export in iCal format if it’s available. But those … Continue reading

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What’s for lunch?

One thing that’s nice to know when you’re a student, is what’s for lunch at the university restaurant. In that regard, I looked for a way to easily generate an iCal of the week’s menu. First step: scour the CROUS Grenoble … Continue reading

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The benefits of f.lux when doing an all-nighter

Doing your coursework at the last moment, not a good idea. Having to do an all-nighter for it, not good for many reasons. However, there is a piece of software I’ve been using for quite some time now, that can make … Continue reading

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