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Snow in October

It’s the 27th of October, and it’s snowing. It’s quite unusual for it to be even anywhere close to snowing at this time of year, normally we might get a bit at the end of November or early December. But … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

Pipe, loaded with JustForHim‘s Shortcut to Mushrooms 0.5L Hot Chocolate Kindle, with any good book (and Custom Screensavers!) Good Morning to you too!

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Kindle Screensavers

I have a Kindle. It’s a great device, it got me back into reading and I now have a bit more and better to do than just browse the same old stuff on the internet on my down time. One … Continue reading

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La Nuit des Etoiles

I recently bought a new backpack, the Gregory Baltoro 65; It’s awesome! Ever since the trip to Portugal, I was thinking “I need a better backpack”; The one I had was far too small for any proper hiking/camping trips (hardly … Continue reading

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Just kidding, It was awesome.

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