Back on my wheels

Aaaah, it’s been a while now since I’ve last gone Freebording, and at that time I’d broken my wrist… that was over a year ago (2 September 2011) and I’ve only just gone back for a ride yesterday.

I went to the road that goes up to the Mont du Chat, from my place that’s 4.4km total. Luckily, when I got to the bottom of the part that only goes up to the top, a group stopped and offered me a ride up, they’d seen the board and were intrigued, and stayed a bit after to see how it goes. That first run was pretty cool, only met 2 cars in places where it was easy to avoid them and 2 cyclists I would cross again later-on. After I’d started walking up again, a couple picked me up, and then once I’d just finished that run, I hardly had the time to take my helmet off that already someone had stopped to take me up!

After that, I rode all the way down back home, it felt so nice to go for a ride like that after so long. And today, a friend was going to take some pictures by the lake and offered me a ride so he could also take some pictures of me Freebording, so I went to a nice and small spot, empty of traffic by the lakeside.

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