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Race report: Aquathlon de St Priest

Yay! This weekend I participated in my first race since… ever! The race was an Aquathlon, in Saint Priest (not too far away from Lyon). This is one of my preferred race types, since it includes two of my least-hated … Continue reading

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What class do we have next?

Timetables are one of the things my University just doesn’t get right. You have to go on the website every now and then to either download your timetable as PDF, or export in iCal format if it’s available. But those … Continue reading

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Jabber server with Prosody

Update: If you use Puppet, I’ve written a module for Prosody which can be found here:¬† I’ve recently installed a Jabber server for use within my family, it’s a great way for us to communicate since we’re split among different … Continue reading

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Back on my wheels

Aaaah, it’s been a while now since I’ve last gone Freebording, and at that time I’d broken my wrist… that was over a year ago (2 September 2011) and I’ve only just gone back for a ride yesterday. I went … Continue reading

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Snow in October

It’s the 27th of October, and it’s snowing. It’s quite unusual for it to be even anywhere close to snowing at this time of year, normally we might get a bit at the end of November or early December. But … Continue reading

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