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Apache: address already in use, but not for real

Check you don’t have multiple “Listen 80” or multiple “Listen 443” throughout your configuration.

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Puppet trouble with vcsrepo module

After having tried to use the vcsrepo module for Puppet a while back and it not working, then trying tonight and it still doesn’t work; no kind of message even in debug to help understand what’s going on, I finally … Continue reading

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Javascript unexpected errors

Today while working on a mini-project, I encountered some problems with JavaScript, notably: Unexpected end of input or Unexpected token illegal Oddly, the source file had barely changed (new line, for example) and there was no apparent error. Also, sometimes … Continue reading

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Disk passthrough in Proxmox

Recently, I’ve added a few gigs of RAM to my main homeserver, so I figured I could transform it into a VM hypervisor, P2V the original config and then have some room to play with other stuff. I chose to … Continue reading

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Budgeting app

ForĀ a bit more than a year now, I’ve been tracking all my income and expenses in a Google Doc Spreadsheet; From that I wanted to analyse the data and create some graphs based on different factors like categories, months, etc. … Continue reading

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