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The benefits of f.lux when doing an all-nighter

Doing your coursework at the last moment, not a good idea. Having to do an all-nighter for it, not good for many reasons. However, there is a piece of software I’ve been using for quite some time now, that can make … Continue reading

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Useful procrastination

So, this weekend I have been a bit productive while procrastinating… I’ve made myself a healthier working environment. I’ve set up a quick CV kind-of web page, at I’ve also updated half the pages for the bitcoin tool, made … Continue reading

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So I’ve started going rock climbing again since a while, I went twice in December to check it out, and decided to go once or twice a week since coming back. It’s at the Warwick University Sports Centre, they call … Continue reading

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Healthy workspace

I’ve been busy… no, not doing any project stuff… but cleaning my room and house, and sorting nearly all my bookmarks in order to make work and a bit of living just that bit easier.. Not that I’m going to … Continue reading

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Snow pt2

So, last night I went out at around 23:00 to take some more pictures of the snow, it was still falling a bit and there was actually about 7cm! And this afternoon I went around to the War Memorial Park, … Continue reading

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